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Holiday! But where are the keys…

June, 2018

We have all experienced this ourselves or seen it at first hand. The summer holiday is coming, we’ve booked a wonderful trip but while we’re getting ready we can’t find the keys for the detachable tow bar! No problem! Car Lock Systems offers a rapid solution to this unfortunate situation.

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Code orange: Warm weather is often the cause of malfunctioning (ignition) locks!

May, 2018

We all look forward to the summer: nice weather, enjoying a terrace, going on holiday. But also make an appointment for a servicecheck for our car and make sure we can still find the spare keys.

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Commercial vehicles ..... are the drivers always satisfied?

April, 2018

Car Lock Systems supplies around 50,000 ignition locks per year, all tailored for the vehicle in question. Often these are light commercial vehicles, mainly because they are used much more intensively than the locks in private vehicles.

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How smart is a smart key?

September, 2017

To be quite honest, the smart key obviously does not exist. It cannot think for itself, it only answers yes or no. And you can even easily trick it: it can be made to say yes when it should be saying no. The smart key is, in fact, a stupid key.

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New: Remote Control Tester PRO RCT02

January, 2017

Remote controls are being given ever increasing functions and therefore have numerous independent working components with various technologies. With this new version of the Remote Control Tester, you can test the following components quickly and easily:

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