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We'd like to highlight our repair service for locks and keys in this newsletter.


We often see our clients opting to order new keys or locks despite the fact that this is not always necessary.

A number of examples include:



Remote key fobs

  •  Push buttons no longer respond
  •  The folding mechanism/Blade has broken
  •  The rubber push button components are torn
  •  The circuit board’s micro switches have become detached / loose contacts
  •  The keyhousing is very damaged or torn
  •  A worn-out blade
  •  A dirty circuit board
  •  Empty batteries


In many of the examples listed above we can repair/fix the problem. In some cases we’ll have to replace the case. This includes glued cases or folding keys with torn folding mechanisms. The whole case (including the blade) is fully replaced in these cases. A (mechanical) key code is required for replacements which include the blade. A key code analysis can be carried out using a photo or the current blade if you don’t know what the code is. There is an €8.00 surcharge for this service.


The key does not need to be reprogrammed following its repair. This will save you and your client a lot time and money. We also offer a 1 year full guarantee for any repairs carried out.


The remote key fob will always be inspected to make sure it is emitting this signal before and after its repair.

In some cases, the remote key fob will need to be synchronised with the vehicle. Please consult your vehicle’s instruction manual for more information on how to do this. Please feel free to contact us if you can’t resolve the issue yourself.




  •  Worn-out bolts / missing bolts / torn bolts
  •  Dirty cylinder
  •  Key is broken and stuck in the lock
  •  The lock doesn’t turn / is hard to turn
  •  The cylinder is slack
  •  The cylinder is slack


We can often resolve the above-mentioned issues for locks as well. In many cases the key blade will also need to be replaced due to wear and tear. The same goes here: A 1 year full guarantee for any repairs carried out.


Have you sent us your lock or key and have we come to the conclusion that we cannot repair it? We’ll charge you a handling fee.

Naturally, this cost will be deducted from your final bill if you decide to order a new key/lock from us. Your old items will be returned!

We’ll contact you about this and will provide you with the time you need to discuss things with your client before processing you repair order.


Not sure whether or not your remote key fob or lock can be repaired?

Please contact us in advance so that you avoid spending time and money on sending us the item and on waiting to have it returned.


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