Transponder car keys

As of around 1998, most cars have come with a so-called transponder (chip) in the handle of the car key. This transponder makes wireless contact with the car. This is done via a reading ring around the ignition lock. When the car recognises the corresponding transponder, the immobiliser is immediately unlocked. This allows the driver to then start the car.

What does a transponder look like?

The transponder is a small part, that is often only 1 centimetre in length. There are two types: a small block or a glass tube. The transponder is glued or moulded into the plastic part of the car key.

Errors in the transponder

Car Lock Systems solves all common faults in transponders within 24 hours. Often people think a car key does not have a transponder. That is because it is located inside the key. However, as soon as the transponder fails or gets lost, the car will give an error message and it will not start. The message varies from car to car, but it can usually be recognized by a quickly flashing light on the dashboard along with a message, an icon, or an image of a key.

Fast Key Service for broken car keys

Our Key Service can resolve any key problem within 24 hours. Don’t know the key code? No problem. Send us a photo of the existing car key, and we can verify which key code belongs to the car. We can also do this by analysing the lock. This way we always find the correct key code for the car. And we then use that key code to cut a new car key. Our Key Service includes, among other things:

  • car key repair
  • additional car keys
  • programming/teaching of car keys (CIP)
  • keycode analysis
  • lost all your car keys?
  • car lock analysis

Car Lock Systems promises:

speed  –  delivery within 24 hours

quality  –  original OEM car keys

precision  –  coded car keys and locks

flexibility  –  almost all car makes, models, and manufacturing years

versatility  –  also commercial vehicles, trucks, and accessories

safety  –  excl. delivery to car dealerships + vehicle check

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