Keycode analysis

You want a new car key or new car lock, but the key code is unknown? This is how we help you within 24 hours!

  1. You send us a clear picture of the existing key shaft or blade.
  2. The 1st CLS expert determines the mechanical key code.
  3. The 2nd CLS expert determines the mechanical key code.
  4. We compare both keycode analyses for a 100% match.
  5. If there is any uncertainty, we can engage a 3rd CLS expert.
  6. We check the key code several times during production.
  7. Your code-compliant car key or car lock is ready to go and as new as the original.

Lost key code? Car Lock Systems analyses the code, cuts the new car key and links it to the vehicle.

You can choose to link the key code to one of your specific customers. If this customer ever loses their car keys in the future, we have already registered the key code for you in combination with the vehicle (chassis number). An additional car key is cut and delivered in no time to the right key code.

Lost key code? We deliver a new key cut to code within 24 hours!

Request your free login and select a key code analysis.

Car Lock Systems promises:

speed  –  delivery within 24 hours

quality  –  original OEM car keys

precision  –  coded car keys and locks

flexibility  –  almost all car makes, models, and manufacturing years

versatility  –  also commercial vehicles, trucks, and accessories

safety  –  excl. delivery to car dealerships + vehicle check

Are you a private individual? Then ask your workshop, dealer, or mechanic for a car key or lock from Car Lock Systems.