Car door locks

Most car doors are still equipped with a mechanical door lock. Because on newer models, the car key often does not need to be inserted into the lock, car door locks sometimes malfunction. With too little use, the car door lock can even become ‘stuck’. The Car Lock Systems advice is therefore to use car door locks now and then, purely to keep the mechanisms moving.

How does the mechanical car door lock work?

The lock is comprised of little plates or detents. Only when all the detents are assembled in the right order, will the associated car key turn the lock. This is because the mechanical construction of the lock has exactly the same combination of positions as the recesses in the car key. These dimensions (depths) are converted by the manufacturer into an indirect key code. This code forms the ‘DNA’ of each car lock or key. Car Lock Systems supplies car keys – and locks to the right code.

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Mechanical key code

With a broken car door lock, we provide a new lock with exactly the same key code as the original lock. This will allow the existing car key to be used both with the existing and new door locks. We can also determine the mechanical key code based on a picture of the existing key. This is useful if the key code is not known.

Ensure regular maintenance

We recommend that car locks are treated with a special lubricant for this now and again, and which is available from our webshop. Car door locks are sometimes covered with a plastic cap. The cap can be opened with the point of a car key – often from the bottom.

Repair by Car Lock Systems as a cost-effective alternative

The Service Team of Car Lock Systems is very competent in the repair of all possible problems with fuel filler locks. We can restore and ship the lock the same day in almost all cases.

Car Lock Systems promises:

speed  –  delivery within 24 hours

quality  –  original OEM car keys

precision  –  coded car keys and locks

flexibility  –  almost all car makes, models, and manufacturing years

versatility  –  also commercial vehicles, trucks, and accessories

safety  –  excl. delivery to car dealerships + vehicle check

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