About us

Pleased to meet you! We are Car Lock Systems. We offer automotive companies the fastest service for original coded car keys and locks. Our stock covers almost all car makes, models and model years. Orders placed before 14:00, are shipped the same day.


Coded car keys and car locks: almost all car makes

Car Lock Systems in Werkendam has the largest stock of original coded car keys and car locks for automotive companies throughout Europe. With a team of 80 people, we produce and deliver around 1.000 orders a day. We are preferred supplier to more than 40,000 customers in over 20 countries.

How we do it

Our company culture

The pioneering spirit and determination with which Car Lock Systems began still characterise its corporate culture. The current owners have been in charge of the company since 2012 and actively guard this culture as well. No technical challenge is too crazy and no question remains unanswered. More than 200,000 orders are now shipped to satisfied customers all over Europe every year.

Unique concept: from order to shipment on the same day

Car Lock Systems is constantly evolving with developments and changes in the market. Our website – developed together with our customers – is unique. Ordering takes less than 5 minutes of your time, and is very easy. Using just a VIN/chassis number (and possibly key code), Car Lock Systems provides an overview of all car keys and car locks belonging to the entered vehicle in seconds. Orders are dispatched the same day, allowing the order to be received within 24-48 hours. This is unique in the market.

Remote diagnostics and programming

With the establishment of our sister company Jifeline, the term ‘Remote diagnostics’ took on a totally new meaning within the automotive industry. Jifeline developed at a rapid pace and co-developed the CIP ( Car Lock Systems Immo Programmer). This is the programming tool for car keys, tow bars, service resets and many other services.

Repairs and overhauls

Car Lock Systems also offers unique services, such as key code analysis (SLA) based on a photo or repairs and overhauls of keys and locks.

What customers say about Car Lock Systems

"Specialized in almost all car keys. Programming transponders is no problem at all."

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“Excellent supplier. An extremely reliable partner who has supported our company for years. I have not regretted it for a day. ”

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"Top company you can count on!"

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