Remote diagnosis, programming and coding with the CIP

CIP stands for Car Lock Systems Immobiliser Programmer. You can use the CIP to perform a multitude of diagnostic and programming services, such as:

  • Programming car keys
  • Reading out and erasing fault codes (DTC)
  • Reading PIN codes
  • Software updates
  • Service interval resets
  • Calibration of vehicle components (e.g. ADAS systems)
  • Headlamp programming
  • Programming tow bars
  • Airbag programming
  • Atomiser adjustments
  • Programming of modules
  • And much more…

The CIP is also suitable for programming where data transfer from the vehicle is via Secure Gateway or DoIP.

How does it work?

You connect the CIP to the OBD connector in the vehicle. Via an internet connection, you connect to a helpdesk where experienced diagnostics specialists are at your service.

They can remotely connect the necessary diagnostic tools to the vehicle.

Meanwhile, you have chat contact with the diagnosis specialist via a website on a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

The service is then carried out for you.

In doing so, the vehicle remains in your own workshop. So you no longer have to drive the car to another (brand) dealer, which saves considerably on costs and time. This is because your mechanic will have more time to do other work, and you will not risk damage while transporting the car.

Quick and easy with automated services

More and more frequently performed CIP services can be captured in automated processes. You benefit from this. With automated services, you implement a roadmap yourself quickly and efficiently. These services are also available outside our office hours, allowing you to decide when you want to implement this programming. If an automated process is available for a particular service, this will be mentioned with the service. For each service, you can choose whether you want to go through the automated process or have one of our specialists look it over with you. In that case, our specialists will be at your service between 08:00 and 17:00.

These are the advantages of programming with the CIP:

Affordable  –  One-off hardware purchase (CIP)

No subscription fees  –  You only pay per service used

Always the latest technology  –  Automatic online updates included

Versatile  –  Access to almost all makes and models

Cost-saving  –  The vehicle remains in your own workshop

Customer satisfaction  –  More services without long waiting times

Future-proof  –  Suitable for Secure Gateway and DoIP

Want to know what the CIP can give you?

Just request your free log-in and take a look at all the available services!

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