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Car Lock Systems supplies original coded keys and locks for almost all car makes.  Orders can be placed easily using our online facility. Our production and logistics team possesses all the facilities to ensure the exceptionally fast delivery of your order.

All car makes

  • Coded locks and keys for the majority of car makes
  • Extensive stock of original parts

Super-fast delivery

  • Order, production and delivery within 24/48 hrs.
  • Delivery throughout Europe

Customer focused

  • Multilingual helpdesk
  • Key code unknown? We can apply for a new code or carry out an analysis
  • Personal order history available online


  • Dedicated and committed staff
  • Car make specialists
  • Modern and sophisticated production


  • We only supply to recognised companies within the automotive industry and after-market.

Orders placed before the stipulated deadline are generally delivered the following day. Apart from the possibilities offered by our own logistical service, our contracts with a number of importers and manufacturers provide us with the option to carry out night time deliveries for a variety of dealer networks. The invoices for these contracts are processed by the importer.

Company vehicles

A number of company vehicles only allow complete sets of locks to be ordered from the manufacturer. Car Lock Systems can supply individual coded locks for all company vehicles. This eliminates the need to order and replace a complete set of locks.

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