16 May 2024

Car Lock Systems and Suzuki Austria join forces

In an effort to improve customer service and increase the availability of car keys, locks, hand transmitter housings and other parts, Car Lock Systems and Suzuki Austria announce a collaboration.

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10 May 2024

Collaboration between Car Lock Systems and Alliance Automotive Group Benelux.

As a leading supplier of car keys, locks and related services, Car Lock Systems recently announced a strategic partnership with Alliance Automotive Group Benelux (AAG Benelux). This cooperation aims to optimise the supply of car keys, locks and hand transmitter housings, among others, for affiliated garage concepts such as CarProf, AutoVakmeester and Autoservice Totaal, among others.

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25 April 2024

Cip helpdesk closed on May 9 and 20

On 9 May and 20 May, Ascension Day and White Monday, the CIP helpdesk will be closed. This means no normal programming can be done due to the absence of the operators. However, programming done via automated functions can be done. Do you still have questions about this? If so, please contact our helpdesk.

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22 February 2024

QR code: avoid unnecessary replacement of your Sleeping Battery

It is common for car companies to replace the car key battery out of service during a minor or major service.

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25 September 2023

ADAC: Cars with keyless still susceptible to relay attack

Keyless entry car theft (relay attack) has been on the rise for years. Criminals circumvent keyless entry security by extending the signal of the car key from the home. For many brands, the car key's signal turns out to be easy to extend. Even if the key appears to be securely stored.

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27 June 2023

NEW: Sleeping Battery keyless car theft protection

Would you like to offer your customers with a Keyless Entry systems a solution against Relay Attack? Then be sure to read on. We are proud to present our solution against this emerging form of car theft. Criminals circumvent Keyless Entry security by extending the signal of the car key from the home. With Sleeping Battery, your customer is 100% protected against Relay Attack.

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13 June 2023


From 1 April 2024, only individuals and companies with SERMI certification will have permanent access to vehicle security software.

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10 February 2023

Auto Prof 2023

This was the Auto Prof - Trade Fair 2023! During this edition, a number of products received special attention:

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21 December 2022

We have relocated!

Upon entering the new headquarters, one immediately notices the many smiling faces. And that makes sense. From 7 November, we moved into the brand new office building at Zweihaak 1 in Werkendam. Due to the rapid growth of Car Lock Systems and our sister company Jifeline, the need for a new and larger location became increasingly urgent.

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9 August 2022

Car Lock Systems shows full product range at Automechanika 2022

The product portfolio with car keys, locks, hand transmitters and hand transmitter housings now comprises more than 17,000 OEM and QAP articles for almost all brands. The Dutch company from Sleeuwijk, which will soon move to new headquarters in Werkendam, will show all its products at the Automechanika 2022. How does Car Lock Systems manage that, on a stand with a surface area of "only" 32 square metres? We put the question to Jasper van Herwijnen, Managing Director and co-owner.

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18 July 2022

Towbar coding with the CIP

Every year, many more tow bars are fitted for the summer holidays than in other periods. It is important that road users can set off safely with their caravan, folding trailer or bicycle carrier. After fitting the tow bar and cable set, the current generation of vehicles sometimes malfunction. This can include failure of crucial ADAS systems such as adaptive cruise control, blind-spot detection and brake assist. This is why it is increasingly necessary to teach the tow bar into the on-board computer so that it can communicate well with all the electronics in the car itself. For example, when a bicycle carrier is connected to the tow bar, the rear parking sensors must be switched off automatically.

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29 June 2022

Save your customer’s holiday within 24 hours with a new key

Ready for the holidays and lost the key of the caravan, camper, tow bar, roof box or bike carrier? Key or lock worn out, making it impossible to use? This happens to many of your customers at the last minute. These keys are not used every day and are only needed "when the time comes". As a result, they rush to find a solution. They look for the papers, because what was it again? An endless search on the Internet is usually the result. Not a good way to start a relaxing holiday.

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19 May 2022

Summer temperatures: key does not turn in ignition lock

Now that summer is upon us again, the weather forecasts are becoming more favourable. Temperatures regularly rise above 20 degrees for several consecutive days. Good news for all gardeners, carpenters, parcel delivery drivers and anyone who can do most of their work outside again. However, the company car they use to carry out their work can cause problems in higher temperatures: The key does not turn in the ignition lock.

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26 April 2022

AutoProf 2022 tradeshow

The all-inclusive concept of the Autoprof ensures an informal and relaxed atmosphere. Visitors can take all the time they need at the end of the afternoon or after working hours to visit the trade fair. All this while enjoying a snack and a drink.

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6 April 2022

AutoTechnica 2022 tradeshow

The AutoTechnica is back! Almost 4 years have passed since the last edition in 2018. All other exhibitions and events since then were also cancelled or rescheduled. Therefore, we were extra motivated to personally welcome our relations again after a long time at our stand in hall 7 of Expo Brussels.

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7 January 2022

2021: our key moments

The automotive market is known as a market in constant motion. At Car Lock Systems, we never stand still, and so 2021 was another eventful year in a positive sense. In this article, we take you on a brief look back at our key moments.

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8 June 2021

CIP Easy Car Key Programmer: programmes keys for many car brands remotely

We are pleased to introduce the Car Lock Systems Immobiliser Programmer to you. This tool, in short the CIP, enables you as a car company to have keys programmed by us at lightning speed from one location. For almost all car makes and models. But that is not everything. With the CIP you can also perform many other types of programming in no time. In this way you can significantly increase your service offer. In addition, the vehicle remains in your workshop, which saves you a lot of time and costs.

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10 February 2021

WINTER ALERT! The cold causes car locks to freeze.

Frozen car locks: should you replace it or have it repaired?
Europe is covered in a thick layer of white snow. As nice as winter can be, it can also cause practical problems, like frozen car locks.

You may consider replacing the lock with a brand new one, but in some cases lock repair offers a sustainable alternative. Whatever the choice, with Car Lock Systems you can rely on no less than 25 years of experience in car locks.

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17 December 2020

This is how you test hand held transmitters, smart keys and transponders

How do you quickly rule out causes in the event of faults?
It often happens that doors suddenly no longer unlock or lock. Or that the car does not start. And why does the transponder light stay on? The following questions can then help to make a diagnosis:

- Is the key broken? Does the transponder still work?
- If the keyless system does not work: is this a car or a key problem?
- Is there a mechanical defect in the door?
- Does the handle have an electronic problem?
- Does the coil around the ignition switch still respond?

You want to quickly rule out causes, but tracing such faults often takes a lot of time. You can now test hand held transmitters (RF / IR), transponders, smart keys, antennas and much more at lightning speed with the Remote Control Tester Pro.

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25 November 2020

Why lubricating car locks really helps!

Why do car locks often break?
The ignition lock wears out through frequent use. The glove compartment lock and the airbag lock become stiff due to little use. The fuel filler lock often dries out from fuel vapors and the bonnet lock is exposed to debris. Our advice is therefore: lubricate, lubricate and lubricate again!

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30 September 2020

New website: quick search & order

The year 2020 is all about change, also for Car Lock Systems. Have you already seen our new logo with car key? Top service is our highest priority. That is why we proudly present you our completely improved website. Order quickly in 4 simple steps!

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28 September 2020

Daken Blackstone anti-theft lock for vans

Vans are a popular target for burglars. In no time they empty the car, which can then no longer be used. Save your customers this misery with a good anti-theft lock.

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