7 January 2022

2021: our key moments

The automotive market is known as a market in constant motion. At Car Lock Systems, we never stand still, and so 2021 was another eventful year in a positive sense. In this article, we take you on a brief look back at our key moments.

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8 June 2021

CIP Easy Car Key Programmer: programmes keys for many car brands remotely

We are pleased to introduce the Car Lock Systems Immobiliser Programmer to you. This tool, in short the CIP, enables you as a car company to have keys programmed by us at lightning speed from one location. For almost all car makes and models. But that is not everything. With the CIP you can also perform many other types of programming in no time. In this way you can significantly increase your service offer. In addition, the vehicle remains in your workshop, which saves you a lot of time and costs.

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10 February 2021

WINTER ALERT! The cold causes car locks to freeze.

Frozen car locks: should you replace it or have it repaired?
Europe is covered in a thick layer of white snow. As nice as winter can be, it can also cause practical problems, like frozen car locks.

You may consider replacing the lock with a brand new one, but in some cases lock repair offers a sustainable alternative. Whatever the choice, with Car Lock Systems you can rely on no less than 25 years of experience in car locks.

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17 December 2020

This is how you test hand held transmitters, smart keys and transponders

How do you quickly rule out causes in the event of faults?
It often happens that doors suddenly no longer unlock or lock. Or that the car does not start. And why does the transponder light stay on? The following questions can then help to make a diagnosis:

- Is the key broken? Does the transponder still work?
- If the keyless system does not work: is this a car or a key problem?
- Is there a mechanical defect in the door?
- Does the handle have an electronic problem?
- Does the coil around the ignition switch still respond?

You want to quickly rule out causes, but tracing such faults often takes a lot of time. You can now test hand held transmitters (RF / IR), transponders, smart keys, antennas and much more at lightning speed with the Remote Control Tester Pro.

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25 November 2020

Why lubricating car locks really helps!

Why do car locks often break?
The ignition lock wears out through frequent use. The glove compartment lock and the airbag lock become stiff due to little use. The fuel filler lock often dries out from fuel vapors and the bonnet lock is exposed to debris. Our advice is therefore: lubricate, lubricate and lubricate again!

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30 September 2020

New website: quick search & order

The year 2020 is all about change, also for Car Lock Systems. Have you already seen our new logo with car key? Top service is our highest priority. That is why we proudly present you our completely improved website. Order quickly in 4 simple steps!

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28 September 2020

Daken Blackstone anti-theft lock for vans

Vans are a popular target for burglars. In no time they empty the car, which can then no longer be used. Save your customers this misery with a good anti-theft lock.

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