What do you require?

Om te kunnen programmeren met de CIP heeft u niet veel nodig.

Besides the CIP, you need a laptop, PC, tablet or smartphone connected to the internet. You follow a few simple steps to establish a connection between the remote specialist and the vehicle. You then choose the service you want to have carried out. Our remote specialist can then perform the job for you immediately. Through a chat function, our specialist will keep you updated on the progress and any steps you need to perform.

What options are there?

The CIP is available in two variants, depending on your needs. Below, we explain which CIP is best for you to choose.

The CIP Lite gives you access to all the programming services we offer. Also for car keys without precoding. The CIP Lite is the standard recommended tool if you want to use our remote programming services.

Your one-time investment: €879,- gross ex VAT

Article number: (available soon)

In addition to all the services the CIP Lite offers you, the CIP can do even more. The CIP is equipped with a specially developed reading ring to perform pre-coding of car keys. Do you work a lot with code-2 keys for Fiat, Alfa, Lancia, for example? Then we recommend the CIP. This allows you to make huge savings on the costs and delivery times of these code-2 keys. For commercial vehicles too (such as the Fiat Ducato, Peugeot Boxer, Citroën Jumper and Opel Combo), the CIP offers the solution for quick delivery of programmed car keys.

Your one-time investment: €1,095 gross ex VAT

Article number: CIP2020

Extra materials for your convenience

Besides the CIP programming tool, we offer a number of additional products that make programming easier, faster or safer for you.

With the Extng Ethernet cable reel of 10 metres, you are guaranteed a blazingly fast and stable internet connection while programming. Not sure if your Wi-Fi network is strong and stable enough? Then connect the CIP to your network using this cable reel. Both the CIP Lite and the CIP have a LAN port so that a fixed internet connection is possible.

Your one-time investment: €59.95 gross ex VAT

Article number: WSAEKGH10

The CIP case ensures safe storage of your diagnostic tool at all times. It protects your CIP from dust, splash water and oil. Inside, the robust case features a foam inlay that fits seamlessly to the CIP. This serves as protection against drops and/or bumps.

Your one-time investment: €69,- gross ex VAT

Article number: CIPCASE2020

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