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Yes, we will accept all returns.

You will receive a label for return shipment which you can use to return the package via the post office.

Nothing! If you are unsatisfied with a product you can return it free of charge.

We strive to provide you with the very best service! If you experience differently, your feedback is most welcome. We can always learn from our mistakes. Go to My Car Lock > Order history to send us your complaint. Please give us a short description of the complaint.

Car Lock Systems The Netherlands

Customer service

+31 183 30 52 22

Financial Department

+31 183 30 52 20

Are you a private individual? Then ask your workshop, dealer, or mechanic for a car key or lock from Car Lock Systems.

Visitor’s address

Car Lock Systems
Zweihaak 1
4251 LT Werkendam
The Netherlands

Postal address

Car Lock Systems
PO Box 131
4250 DC Werkendam
The Netherlands

Company details

Vat-number: NL8047.69.552.B.01
Chamber of Commerce number: 18045446

Bank details the Netherlands

IBAN: NL56RABO0357018508

Bank details Sweden

IBAN: SE3460000000000659647362

Bank details Denmark

IBAN: DK0273120001036278

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