Mazda Motor Slovakia announces cooperation with Car Lock Systems

Mazda Motor Slovakia recently announced to its dealer network in Slovakia that they are entering into a partnership with Car Lock Systems (CLS), a Dutch company specialising in car keys and locks. This partnership is part of the local programme that will be billed through MMSK (Central Billing).

Car Lock Systems has already proven successful partnerships with Mazda Belgium, Mazda Italy and Mazda Czech Republic, which gives confidence in the benefits of this new partnership for Mazda Motor Slovakia.

Access to more than 17,000 unique product references

Car Lock Systems, a longstanding partner of Mazda, will make its services and products available to Mazda Motor Slovakia’s dealer network. This includes support for replacement of original Mazda car keys, hand transmitter housings and locks. The cooperation will make it easier for Mazda dealers to solve these problems quickly and efficiently. In addition, Mazda dealers will benefit from CLS’ expertise in repairs and overhauls.

Faster service and higher customer satisfaction for Mazda dealers

Jan Machač, Aftersales Manager at Mazda Motor Slovakia, emphasised the benefits of this new cooperation: ‘With Car Lock Systems’ expertise, we can serve our dealer network even better and increase their satisfaction. This is an important step in our commitment to excellent service.”

Quick ordering based on VIN

After setting up the ordering and billing systems, Mazda dealers will have access to the CLS ordering portal. Here, they can easily order the required products and services. Based on a chassis number, it will show exactly which items are available for that specific vehicle. This ensures a seamless and fast ordering process.

Michal Ondruš, responsible for communication to service managers, will soon provide the dealer network with the necessary login details for the ordering portal.

Mazda Motor Slovakia expects the cooperation with Car Lock Systems to start soon and will inform dealers in good time when they can start ordering.

For more information, dealers can contact Michal Ondruš of Mazda Motor Slovakia.


Op 12 June 2024