From 1 April 2024, only individuals and companies with SERMI certification will have permanent access to vehicle security software.

What is SERMI?

SERMI stands for “Security Related Vehicle Repair and Maintenance Information”.

SERMI is a certificate that independent companies (car, body repair, motorhome, retrofit) need to have in order to work on software related to theft prevention after 1 April 2024.

This certificate replaces separate accesses to security software of all car brands.

Ordering keys, locks, handheld transmitters and other products

Physical keys, locks and other products from Car Lock Systems do not belong to this category. Therefore, for ordering keys and locks from Car Lock Systems, the process remains unchanged. You can therefore place orders through the same way and by the same person as before. No SERMI certification is required for ordering keys and locks. SERMI is only relevant for the person using these parts in or on the vehicle, and when access to the security software is required. Think of learning the car key with a programming tool.

Remote services with the CIP Easy Car Key Programmer

With the CIP, you program and pre-encode car keys in your own workshop. Safely, quickly and flexibly. Numerous programming options are available for virtually all makes.

With the CIP, you can program not only keys and hand transmitters, but also headlights, tow bars and airbags, for example.

Are you using our remote services with the CIP Easy Car Key Programmer? The SERMI process stipulates that both the mechanic in the workshop (the so-called Independant Operator IO) and the Remote Specialist (RSP) must have certification. It is therefore important that you apply for SERMI certification for one or more employees. Car Lock Systems ensures that all its own RSPs have the certification.

Although SERMI certification is optional, it is crucial for car companies that want to perform specific tasks. Without SERMI certification, software updates on anti-theft related components, among others, are prohibited, as well as resetting the service indicator of a vehicle with secure gateway.

Without certification, certain security-related services may not be able to be performed for you with the CIP after 1 April.

Where can you apply?

The application should be made to a so-called certification body (CAB). There are currently several designated bodies that can provide certification for you. Here you can find the accredited CAB for your country:

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Op 13 June 2023