Collaboration between Car Lock Systems and Alliance Automotive Group Benelux.

As a leading supplier of car keys, locks and related services, Car Lock Systems recently announced a strategic partnership with Alliance Automotive Group Benelux (AAG Benelux). This cooperation aims to optimise the supply of car keys, locks and hand transmitter housings, among others, for affiliated garage concepts such as CarProf, AutoVakmeester and Autoservice Totaal, among others.

AAG Benelux is known for its specialisation in the distribution and sale of automotive parts and accessories. With brands, formulas and chains such as PartsPoint, Precisium and Alliance Automotive Trading under its wings, AAG Benelux has established a solid position in the sector.

Fast and efficient ordering

Thanks to the partnership with Car Lock Systems, affiliated garage concepts can now benefit from lightning-fast delivery of car keys, locks, hand transmitter housings and a range of other products. This means garages can respond quickly to their customers’ needs and work more efficiently to solve car-related problems.

Indeed, through the PartsPoint ordering platform, all member garage concepts can easily order their car keys and locks. Through the Car Lock Systems website, available parts can be found based on the chassis number, making ordering the right parts even easier.

No risk with customised products

Car Lock Systems’ services are mainly intended to serve customers of AAG Benelux also with the supply of (original) car keys, key parts and locks. This removes a considerable risk. Because the keys are cut to size for the customer, AAG has no stock of keys and thus no stock risk. The order will be placed via the Car Lock Systems online portal with the look and feel of AAG/PartsPoint. As a result, the point-of-sale does not have to create an order; the customer does this online, similar to an order via Parts360. Invoicing will also run through Car Lock Systems.

Repair and overhaul of car keys and locks

In addition to fast delivery of products, member garage concepts will also be able to benefit from the repair and overhaul services offered by Car Lock Systems. This means they will not only have access to high-quality parts, but can also rely on expert repair and maintenance services for car locks and keys.

Increasing customer satisfaction

This cooperation marks an important step forward in optimising garage services and improving overall customer satisfaction. By joining forces, Car Lock Systems and AAG Benelux aim to strengthen the automotive industry in the Benelux region and provide it with high-quality products and services.

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Op 10 May 2024